Choosing the Best Eye Cream for Your Age

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Starring at the vast number of anti-aging products lining the counter of your favorite beauty store can be a little intimidating to say the least. Which ingredients do you need? Which ones address your specific areas of concern? Is price an indicator of quality? Can’t I just use my regular moisturizer?

We’ll help you sift through the hype and confusion to find just the right product for your age!


Wait, did you really say 20s? With no intent to offend, even if you’re still in the prime of your youth, this is the time that fine lines and creases begin to appear and take hold. Fortunately, at this stage, a gentle moisturizer with plant-based ingredients and lots of antioxidants should do the trick. There are products for almost every budget, ranging from around $15 to over $150 and several high-quality ones in the lower middle end of the range. NuNutrients Cucumber Eye Cream sells for $35 and is a good choice.


vitamin cHere’s where sun damage and slower cell turnover start to become an area of concern. Lines gradually become more established and wrinkles begin to grow deeper and more noticeable. Loss of brightness and under-eye wrinkles are often the primary complaint in this age group. Slightly more potent ingredients that help boost and brighten the skin are ideal choices. Vitamin C is a key ingredient to look for to target these specific issues. Vitamin C serum º22 comes in a 1.15 oz. dropper and contains a 22% concentration of Vitamin C.


Signs of stress, dark circles, and age spots are three of the biggest concerns for women in their 40s. Slight loss of firmness and elasticity also begin to appear, especially if you’re a smoker. Restorative creams and serums that lend support to boosting collagen and healthy skin cell development are well-suited to dealing with these common problem spots. A few important ingredients to look for include plant stem cells, sodium hyaluronate, chamomile, and lavender. Adonia Eye Therapy targets those key areas and performed well in a clinical study, reducing the appearance of dark circles by 86% and under-eye wrinkles by 83% in study participants. (Source:


Dryness and deep wrinkles are two of the biggest concerns from age 50 and beyond. As the skin further loses elasticity and its ability to retain moisture, deep under-eye wrinkles, eleven lines, and crow’s feet reveal the typical signs of aging. Rich hydration, firming, and lift are the essential eye cream properties you should look for here. Products containing Argireline, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C, and essential oils are a good choice. Athena 7 Minute Lift is an excellent choice for quickly lifting and firming the appearance of deep wrinkles.

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