5 Easy Tips to Heat-Proof Your Summer Style

We’ve all been there: gaping at our reflections in the mirror after a summer day spent running around amusement parks or laying out by the pool. Horrified thoughts (e.g. “I wandered around in public like this?!”) race through our minds as we try to comprehend how our make-up, which we so tediously applied earlier in the day, managed to plummet from perfection to clown status in mere hours. Whether it’s mascara gone rogue or blotchy patches of foundation that somehow don’t melt off with the rest, the phrase “hot mess” has never had a truer meaning than when applied to summer make-up.

That said, not all summer looks are destined for failure. From basic cleansing to application techniques, the following tips can help you to save face (pun intended!) in even the most extreme heat.

  • cleanse and exfoliate daily

    Wash your face at least once a day — and don’t forget to exfoliate. Not only does the body rev up its production of sweat and natural oils in the summer months, but external factors like dirt and air pollution tend to be out in full force as well. Consequently, the more they’re allowed to build up, the more uneven and cake-y makeup will appear. Thankfully, these factors are no match for quality cleansers and a daily (or twice-daily) wash will keep oily skin at bay.

    In addition to general cleansing, it’s also important to exfoliate once a week, which will effectively remove pore-clogging dead skin. When it comes to exfoliation, there are several popular techniques: gentle scrubs (although you’ll want to choose one with natural exfoliants instead of those with micro-beads), chemical peels (and while they admittedly sound like something Hannibal Lector might use, there are a variety of gentle, safe, and even organic options), and skin cleansing brushes.

  • Choose the right products. Those thick, heavy creams that heal chapped winter skin are great for the cold months. However, when exposed to 90-degree temperatures, these same products turn into drippy goop that not only clog pores and encourage oily skin but also melt easily, taking with them any painstakingly applied make-up. In addition to a thin, non-greasy moisturizer, there are several other products worth splurging for: a good primer (which will help hold make-up in place) and sunscreen.

  • Go French. Parisians have long been known for their amazing skin and their ability to rock the subtle-but-gorgeous natural look. And in the summer months, the French way is the best way. By avoiding heavy foundations and pressed powders (and instead going for lighter alternatives like BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and cream-based blushes), you can embrace the dewy beauty of au natural instead of attempting to conceal it under thick layers of matte make-up.

  • Say goodbye to raccoon eyes. While waterproof mascara is generally the go-to summer eye enhancer (and for good reason), it’s not always the gentlest method. So for those of you looking to keep all of your lashes intact, there are some great alternatives to waterproofing. The first (and perhaps most effective) solution is baby powder. Baby powder is your friend. Since it absorbs the liquid and oils found on eyelashes, the powder will prep the hairs and prevent the mascara from smearing. And on days where baby powder just isn’t enough, you can always use a clear mascara to seal the colored mascara in place.

  • Stick with balms and stains. Lip glosses are notorious for melting into sticky oblivion when exposed to heat, and most lipsticks form cracks under the intensity of sunlight. However, both lip balms and lip stains can withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight without skipping a beat.

Now go enjoy your summer without worrying about what you’ll see the next time you look into a mirror!

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