Secrets to Gorgeous, Healthy-Looking Hair

hair secrets

Don’t let a bad hair day put a kink in your confidence! Gorgeous, flowing, healthy hair is easier than you think and with our celebrity beauty secrets, you can be well on your way to an awe-inspiring, red carpet-ready style that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

If you’re like me, you’ve sat gaping at your television in drool-worthy envy as models and celebrities spin, their blindingly shiny and undoubtedly silky hair twirling in slow motion behind them, as they promote this shampoo or that conditioner. While the ultimate perfection of actors in hair commercials may (realistically) be humanly unattainable, healthy and gorgeous hair is within reach.

Keep it Trimmed. Split ends are the bane of hair existence, especially those who are desperately trying to grow their hair out. But at some point, they’ve got to go. While many stylists tell you to get a cut every six weeks, you can usually get away with waiting eight to ten weeks (unless you want to maintain a certain shorter style or use heated styling tools daily). However, waiting any longer might be asking for trouble.

Skip the Shower. Oils—natural oils, in particular—are essential to shine, and stripping them from your hair every day will only cause dullness and dryness. So give the shampoo a break for a day or two.

Watch the Heat. Styling tools relentlessly inflict long-term damage on hair (often causing frizz, breakage, and dryness). For optimal health and shine, air dry whenever possible and limit your use of hair straighteners and curling irons. And when you do choose to use heat on your hair, use a thermal protectant product and try to avoid the highest heat setting, if you have the option to adjust the temperatures on your styling tools.

Color Carefully. We’ve all seen (or been) that one person with hair that’s been so bleached and fried that it’s closer to resembling straw than actual human hair. While this is often the result of at-home coloring, it can also happen after prolonged bleaching (especially if you try to go from black to platinum). So, when it comes to coloring, go to a professional colorist and make sure to deep condition bleached hair.

Take Biotin Supplements. Especially ideal for those with brittle and breakage-prone hair, biotin is an antioxidant that promotes healthy, strong growth. Biotin works to improve the structure of keratin molecules (the protein responsible for hair, nail, and skin growth).

Invest in Silk. Cotton pillowcases can wreak havoc on hair follicles (especially for those who have a tendency to toss and turn during the night). Silk and satin alternatives, however, are much gentler on hair (and they tend to better preserve styled hair). Plus, studies have shown that silk is also better for your face, which can be a huge benefit if you’re a side or stomach sleeper.

Pick Your Products Wisely. The damaging tendencies of parabens and sulfates are fairly widespread, but other potentially harmful ingredients are often overlooked. Certain types of silicone—an ingredient commonly found in shampoos, conditioners, and anti-frizz products—can actually be damaging (although they do help to produce shine). Additionally, alcohol and salt (usually hidden under its scientific term, sodium chloride) are common additives that can cause dryness and damage (especially for those who color their hair).

Eat Healthy. “You are what you eat.” The saying is true. If you want healthy hair (or, really, to just be healthy in general), you have to eat healthy. So seek out foods that are rich in antioxidants (including fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, and poultry), and watch your hair shine.

Prioritize Protection. In the same way that UV rays damage skin, they can also damage hair. And while “hair sunscreen” doesn’t flood the market, donning a hat during the most intense times of the day (11am to 3pm) can help to protect your locks.

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